Be Seen, Online

One reality of our tech world is that we will always be searched out. By new clients, colleagues, bosses and friends – people will be able to do their research.

But are you as visible as you should be and what will they find?

As an employee you need to know, obviously, that every organization has its own rules about what can be said, by whom and when… But you can earn big reputation points by being seen as someone with something to say, something to add or contribute.

Make it a rule to join discussion groups on Facebook or Linked In or at major business publications’ web sites. Then make regular comments under your name. If you can create a blog about your industry, or at least issue a Tweet every couple of days, you are increasing your online visibility.

(In fact, posting a semi-regular Tweet-Stream is a great way to raise your professional profile – if you need a quick “how-to” guide, look at this:

Yes, this is a collection of activities which does carry some level of very slight risk. You need to monitor yourself closely. Don’t say anything that could cause offence or that may appear to be against the interests of your employer or clients, try to make informed comments, attach cool links and do your best not to sound crazy (plus – no one is interested that you just woke up or that you just had a sandwich!!)…but, to me, the greater risk is being invisible in an online world where presence really matters.

Find somewhere that you are happy to be seen, and decide on a topic area where you feel sufficiently knowledgeable and give it a go.

Everything you do tilts those scales of influence. Being more visible online, within your expert area is something that can really add weight to your own personal impact!

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