Can you use APPS to sell??

With the recent revelation that Apple has now surpassed some 100 bazillion APPS downloaded, I was wondering if there really was money to be made from having an APP out there. Most of us instantly think of a cool app like Angry birds or Wolfram Alpha and then sit there for a couple of hours figuring out how many downloads would it take to turn that 99c fee (less costs and commission) into a cool million!

However, the other side of the coin seems to be picking up a lot of interest in the corporate world. Big and small businesses are now exploring how a trendy, useable app can create an emotional link between their product or service and a new customer or client. I recently sat down with Kris Hagerman, CEO of private software company, Corel – his view: Free apps = great marketing value!  Click below to have a listen to the chat…