The Law of language …& The Oscars!

Last night’s Oscars Ceremony was a self admitted attempt to skew interest towards a ‘younger demographic’.

You could see it straight away in the choice of young hosts along with plentiful references to such “youthful”(!) things as apps and Facebook.

Did it work?

Whether you think it was a success or perhaps an example of ‘trying too hard’, it was a perfect illustration of attempting to shift language to suit the target.

In business – this is something we should attempt to do each and every day.

The law of language is a reference to how crucial every single word is that you choose to “broadcast”. It’s also about how your TONE is received and, most importantly, whether the structure of what you say matches the target’s needs or can raise interest in you as a person.

Before visiting with a client or potential employer, go on their website and check out how THEY choose to communicate to their clients and staff. Look at the words and messaging they deploy and then subtly attempt to emulate some of that tone and language within your own message.

It’s the verbal equivalent of ‘mirroring’. It will quickly create the impression that you are already one of them.

(You can also subtly use this with senior or junior team-members to strengthen the professional connection).

Listen to some of the great political speech-makers and figure out which phrases, which wordplay and which tones really resonate with their audience.

Last night’s award winners all made speeches. A few of them (Thinking … Christian Bale) got it just right – they delivered a speech we WANTED to hear!!

So, this week – add special attention to the “law of language”.
Start by thinking of yourself as a broadcaster. Would you enjoy listening to yourself? Are you saying things that people WANT to hear? Does your tone set the right mood?

One final tip – remember, less is more. Always release people first by ending your comments just before they expect you to.

Go on too long and you lose people. End it early and they will always want more!

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