Are you winning the … L-WAR?

Are you winning the L-WAR. (Yes, I know – Charlie Sheen has temporarily hijacked the word “winning“, but let’s move on!!)

Back to the L-WAR – It’s my square of influence  –
L W A R – Listen, Watch, Anticipate and React. Listening is one of those crucial common sense skills that we never do enough.

How can you instantly tell if you don’t listen enough??

Here’s one way.

If you suffer from “Name-Amnesia” (Where you instantly forget the name of the person who you have only just met!!) it’s possible you are so focussed on what you want to say that you are not listening to the valuable content that they have to deliver!!

From now on listen using a whole new approach. Become a human monitoring station, listen to every word and instantly start to translate what is being said between the lines. Listen for all of the valuable clues that people reveal within their sentences. Allow them to reveal more about themselves than they would if you were doing all the talking.

What do they REALLY want?
We, as people, are excited to tell our story, to reveal what it is we have to sell. However, when you stop, even for just a few minutes, you very quickly hear what it is that they actually want to buy. If you give someone enough time, show them enough empathy, demonstrate that you are truly listening, they will eventually tell you everything that you need to know.

But what about they way they behave, the way they sit, where they look – those subtle body language clues that add a whole depth of context to the story? This part of the L-WAR is Watch  … more on that, next time!!

Being a consistent observer of people adds so much to your effectiveness that you will instantly feel better positioned to say the right thing at the right time. Remember the secret of soft skills, the art of business seduction is always about adjusting what you do and say to suit the person in front of you.

You can only do that when you fully understand every element of them as people – that’s why the L-WAR is a battle worth fighting!