How THAT wedding can help your business!!

Yes, I know that I am British and by all rights I should currently be setting up a street party and buying a range of over-priced decorative plates, but I’m just not that into it. I will probably watch a bit in the morning (what choice do we get??) and then move on with the rest of my life.

But… The Royal Wedding is one of those common experiences which offers you the perfect chance to reach out to a client or contact.

A common experience is, (clearly!!), something which happens to you and your  main circle of contacts at roughly the same time. A major sporting event, the clocks changing, bizarre weather, a presidential birth certificate – you know, that kind of thing.

Why do these events help?

Well, very often, you know you should be reconnecting with certain people in your network, but you’ve just got nothing to say!

Well now you have!!

“I hope you are not too bored by this wedding, if so you might like this (insert cool thing)”


“I don’t want to interrupt your 24 viewing of that British wedding, but just in case you need a break, I thought you might like to see this review of your industry – looks good! Speak soon”

When you invoke a common experience, there is an instant feeling of connection. It removes a psychological barrier between you and the recipient and any humor you are able to use will further encourage a reply.

When you put yourself on the radar like that, you just never know where it will lead. At the very least, you will get a quick reply and you will have reminded them that you and your products exist! At the most, it may trigger your recipient to actually do or spend something!! Nice!!

Btw, if you are not taking the whole Wills and Kate thing too seriously, you might like to take a look at this very funny piece of T-Mobile viral marketing (watch carefully for the Charles and Camilla look a likes!!)