Did RIM admit no longer “innovating”!?

At the IBM/Unica Marketing technology event – #MIS2011 – that I am hosting today in Boston, Founder Yuchun Lee said:

“Social media is truth serum for companies”

It got a big laugh and a lot of nodding heads.

He was right. However Social Media is even more than the truth – it is now shaping decisions, perceptions and opinion like never before.

No longer can you say something and it is heard just once. Now, every word you utter in a public domain remains in that domain forever. Your words become tweetable, quotable, searchable forever.

No pressure!

You need to decide now and every week how you wish to be perceived and then make your cool, natural comments consistent with that decision.

This week RIM, the makers of my Blackberry Torch, the all new Playbook and allllll their other very effective devices, had a conference at which the co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis, spoke.

When asked why Blackberry seemed wrong-footed by the tablet market, he joked about being late to the tablet party and then said:

“But we did our best, we really did….The world is changing and we’re doing all we can to prepare RIM for it.”

How does this statement make you perceive Blackberry?

As a leader in technology or a follower?
As an innovator of devices or a company trying to stay the course?

I look at this statement and see a company trying very hard to keep up.

Can you imagine Apple saying something like this? Apple doesn’t prepare themselves for the changing world…they are the ones changing it along with many other smart and sharp organizations.

This week, carefully monitor what you say and how you say it. Whether in a meeting, texting a team, tweeting your followers or publishing a piece of marketing. Your words will shape perception and directly affect your ongoing success!

Social media will ensure that it all happens instantly!

  • JB Quigley says:

    I have repeatedly called RIM and left messages with their board of directors and as of 4 weeks, have not received a return call. As a business owner and Storm 1 & 2 owner, I was calling to see if the Storm 3/Monaco was going to be 4G (Verizon) capable, 4.3″ screen, 540 x 960 resolution, dual core processor, 1 GB ram, 8mp camera, 1900 mAh battery and come with RIM’s next generation interface. I am now going to purchase ANYTHING but a RIM device and will do the same for my employees and others in my industry! RIM is no longer business friendly and obviously no longer a leader in the business side of communications.

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