Using Twitter to build your business

Today, I am simply sharing a link.

This is one of the most comprehensive, well-thought through and current collections of information on Twitter (Twinformation??) that I have seen. (Courtesy of Copyblogger and Gabrielle Conde)

If you click on and read every link within the post, it might take you a while – so bookmark it and keep going back.

Twitter is beyond important as a “listening” tool, let alone as a way for you to create strong and lasting connections with your clients, customers, colleagues and more.

Yet few people have truly dived in and used Twitter in a way that can build business.

At every event, where I speak, I ask for a show of hands on who regularly searches Twitter and/or tweets their own content. I am always surprised at the meagre showing of hands.

So, no more excuses!!

Click on this link and see what you are missing along with how and why you should be doing even more!