The Power of Recognition

Remember the last time someone surprised you with something you weren’t expecting?

I’m referring here to a pleasant surprise as opposed to something like “Run for the hills – the internet is broken!”

That moment when someone ‘makes your day’ is great. You love it and you probably go home that night and talk about it.

This is something that you can deliver to others quite easily as well – in the form of some simple RECOGNITION. That’s it!

One Approach

One of my own personal examples of how to do this revolves around someone who had a big impact on my life. Nick Barley – he was Director of Marketing at Oracle in the UK.

After I interviewed him for a TV show, he asked me to come and do the same thing at a sales kickoff meeting in London. I had never done this before but he trusted me on a big stage and that moment of trust got me started off in the world of events and conventions.

I never forgot this and even though we worked together many times after that first event, I wanted him to know that I was grateful. Beyond saying “Thank you” or taking him out for drinks – I wanted to create a more lasting moment of recognition.

So – when I hadn’t seen him in a while and I was busy off doing other things – out of the blue I just sent him a message. I said something like:

Hey Nick,

Hope all is well.

Just a quick note to say that all these years on, I never forget that it was you who got me started – thanks again.

The note was a surprise. it was unexpected and it was truly appreciated.


I received an instant response. He loved it and it kept our professional connection very strong.

Why bother? Well, it’s another way to ensure that your network remains strong, it puts you on the radar and, most of all, it’s a reward system that costs nothing but earns a ton of goodwill.

Act now!

So, today, take a moment to consider the people in your professional circles. Try to isolate one or two of them who have helped you become the success that you are (you are a success, right??) and send them an unexpected, unprompted and surprising note.

You will make people smile and that is never a bad thing!!

BTW – My good Aussie friend Tony Hollingsworth drew my attention to this very cool offering from Intel… If you are into Facebook and you fancy visiting an online Museum Exhibit dedicated to … YOU(!!) just check this out! It’s very cool…