3 Ways to make yourself even more buyable.

People buy people. Are they buying you? 

I am sure they are, but here are three things you can try this week to instantly upgrade how buyable you are to your colleagues, your team and your clients!

Online Update

Update your linked in profile. Make it feel alive. I am always surprised at how some people allow this key “online Brochure” to slowly decay!! The fact that you are listed is a great start, but unless you remain active and current, it will look like you’ve given up business and gone off to herd cats or something. If you show the world that you are prepared to let your on-line brand fester – it might say something about you in business.

Social Media needs to be fed, nurtured and watered.

Every time you add content, your online presence looks fresh and green. When you let it dry out, it withers.

Here’s an immediate fix – connect your Linked-in to your Twitter feed (you do have one, right??) that way, every Tweet duplicates itself on your Linked-In page and you benefit from an instant “freshness Upgrade”. 

Listen to your colleagues….and remember

People love it when you remember what they have said. It makes people feel more valued and more connected to you. In fact, It’s one of the three Rs of connecting – Recall. So, actively listen to what your colleagues, clients or team have planned for their evening. It may require some mental effort, but if you can remember some of what they told you and then ask them about it during the next day, you’ll instantly win some new devotees and have people thinking you are even cooler than they already did!!

Spread the Word

Actively find some cool and timely blogs or articles with useful or inspiring content and send them out to people – on a Sunday evening. It not only shows you care, are connected and seem to be an aggregator of what’s cool…but you are devoting an element of your weekend to add value to people’s upcoming week!

If you are an iPad or iPhone person download Flipboard – a very cool way to view and share what’s trending.

In just 3 simple steps you have instantly added to your ‘buyability’ and tilted the scales in favor of your personal brand!

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