Tips & Tricks for Travel!!

Like many event People, I spend a great deal of time on the road or more accurately in the air, moving from hotel to hotel like a Nomad…

So, I thought I would share three things that I do that make life just a touch easier.

1. Carry the Jacket
As a bloke, it’s all about the suit!! I always pack my suit trousers – or pants – but never the suit jacket. I carry those – often three at a time. The main reason? Should they get all creased up in my bag, Pants or trousers are easy to press – I can do that in no time using the hotel room iron …jackets are obviously much more of a challenge and usually will need to be sent off to the hotel dry cleaning or pressing service…pricey!!

2. Picture this!
I forget things all the time. As I move from hotel to hotel on trips, I often arrive, check in, dump my stuff in the room and then head down to the conference area. Only later, as I try to find my room again do I realize that I have completely forgotten what room I’m in!! I end up feeling like George in that episode of Seinfeld when they lost the car in a shopping mall car park. My solution? Easy!! When you leave your room for the first time, use your smartphone to take a quick pic of the room number!! Sure it ends up in your photo stream – but who cares? At least you can now get to your own bed!!

Oh THAT's my room!

3. It’s check out time.
Time always runs out. If you are like me you end up racing out of the hotel, panicking about time to get to the airport. The last thing you need at that epic moment is to stand in a line at the hotel reception desk, checking out and ensuring you have the zero balance receipt document. Here’s what I do now. On your day of departure, get up nice and early, go check out waaaay before you plan to leave the hotel and ask them to keep your room open until later. job done, paperwork filed! Now you can leave your room at the very last nanosecond and race off without stopping!

What little tricks do you use??

  • Julie Baker says:

    I just used suggestion #2 at the Gaylord, but instead of a pic of the door I took a pic of the map they give you with your room number on it. Thanks for sharing the idea!!

  • Jonathan Cogley says:

    I do the same trick by taking a photo of my parking space (with letter / number etc) at airport parking lots because otherwise I forget where I parked when I come back a week later…

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