Today IS your first day at work.

There are moments in every business week when things don’t go in your direction. A pitch or tender gets awarded to your competitor, the job you so wanted gets given to someone else, your suggestion in a meeting gets overlooked, the client you pursued goes “in an other direction”… So, what happened? How badly did you screw up?

Very often, those decisions are decided on the tiniest of things – a slight moment, a single word or an unspoken message that tilts the scales against you.

I recently had dinner with a client in Los Angeles and he was telling me the story of a Consultant who was delivering a two day engagement in order to win a much larger contract for his firm. The team noticed something odd. On day two, he wore exactly the same outfit as day one.

So what?? There might well have been a very good reason, but the consultant said nothing and it just gnawed away at the team making the decision – so much so, that the scales tipped away from this otherwise very competent professional. The bigger job went to someone else.

As much as we would want to hope that we could never be swayed by something like that, it is natural human behavior to notice these things and to make judgements based on them.

Those scales are permanently fluid and judging all that we do. No matter how strong the relationship is with your current client or employer, consider each day, each meeting as a brand new start. Act as you would on Day 1. In addition to listening, watching and anticipating – focus on what you are doing, on how you are being perceived, on the value and benefit that you bring and make sure those scales continue to move in your direction.

Sneak Preview!
I have been working hard on an innovative, state-of-the-art offering for my clients –
“The Mark Jeffries Communication Academy”. Working closely with a very skilled team, we are turning my keynotes and books into a highly effective, web based, coaching solution. More details very soon but as a sneak preview of just one of the elements of what each user will experience, have a look at the attached video which serves as an introduction to the all-powerful weighing scales that I have referred to in today’s blog. Have a great week.

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