Give them what they want

I had the recent good fortune to sit outside at an amazing tapas restaurant – Coqueta – on San Francisco’s water front. From my vantage point at the bar, I also had the good fortune to observe the expert operations of the restaurants welcome team -a certain … Antonio

Antonio at Coqueta, San Francisco

Antonio at Coqueta, San Francisco

What amazed me was the utter simplicity of his welcome. People would saunter up and say “I have a reservation” – he would say “remind me of your name” and then immediately follow up with a welcome that was the very definition of “warm”. He would say.:

“Yes, of course, how have you been?”

It was like old friends were reconnected. Clearly, he had never met these people before, but he was using a language, a tone and an approach that had the customer smiling and feeling welcomed

What do any of us want as we arrive at a restaurant or hotel or airline desk of any sort – we want to feel known, recognized and valued.

It’s the same for any client in any business.

The question is – how do YOU welcome every call, email or connection with your clients or customers?

Hopefully with an appropriate warmth and familiarity that creates the trusted connection upon which all good business depends.

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