What a Triple Tall latte can teach us all about business success

Obviously, this would have been cool!

Obviously, this would have been cool!

I popped into my local Coffee place and ordered my usual – Triple tall, non fat, no foam latte (yes, yes, I know – but it’s how I like it.)

The staff member didn’t seem to be too interested in the details of my order and I could just tell that she wasn’t fully listening. But maybe I was being over ‘observant’. I paid, went to the pick up zone and waited.

When the coffee was handed over – it was completely wrong.

Not a life-changing event, but mildly annoying, right?

It got a whole lot worse when I mentioned that this was not the drink that I ordered.

“Yes it is”, was the team-member’s reply. “That’s how you ordered it”.

Two crimes were committed in that (never going back) outlet:

The crime of not actually listening but hearing what she thought was being said.

The far worse crime of ‘blaming the customer’ and avoiding accountability.

In business, we are so immersed in what it is we sell and what it is we do, we often don’t fully hear the genuine needs and requirements of the client or colleague.

Sometimes, what’s being said masks something even more important – what is NOT being said – but we are in too much of a hurry to actually ‘hear’ it. Often the client might be talking around a subject and you, being brilliant and a ‘bit bored’, quickly conclude what they should be asking for, rather than hearing them out and interpreting what it is that might truly solve their problems.

Either way, you owe it to your clients and customers to truly be the best listener in their world.

When we are heard, genuinely listened to, we like it. It makes us feel good – and we then feel a stronger connection to the person who actually heard what we had to say.

When your client asks you for something – hear it, feel it, understand what drives it and never tell them that they were wrong!! Make it a habit … and success will always come your way!

It’s the L of my crucial L-WAR….Listen

Anybody want this Grande Vanilla Latte???


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