What tribe are you in?

I already know what business you are in. I don’t need to look at your business card, your twitter profile or your latest LinkedIn update. I don’t need to Google you or ask any of my network if they know you. That’s because you are in the same business as me… the same business as the person sat right next to you, or in front of you. We are all in the business of … relationships.

It’s an old adage – that it is as true today as it was yesterday or 20 years ago:

“People buy people”.

Game of Thrones map

The fact is, as humans, we are tribal. Whether we follow a new trend, a political belief, a Baseball team, a strain of monetary policy, Game of Thrones (see map!!)  or a mindless obsession –  what we truly desire, as humans, is to be around others who are just like us.

We feel comfortable amongst the like-minded, we feel relaxed amongst those who understand us, we feel safe with those who speak our language and agree with our ideas.

I’m not saying this is right, smart or … diverse.  I’m just saying … It is what it is.

So, regardless of what you believe your job title to be, no matter what product, solution or service you are selling today  –  first and foremost we are all in the business of relationships and your greatest asset is not who you know but … who knows you.

It’s not how many connections you have, it’s how many conversations you are having.

Your greatest message is that you understand. YOU are on the team. YOU speak the language. YOU get the problem that your client faces and YOU have the solution.

Have fun out there and grow that tribal network!!


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