People buy People – Make yourself more Buyable

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LeBron James – Buyable!

People buy people. Do they buy you?

As you know – in the USA, this time of the year brings around the NBA Finals. An exciting opportunity to root for your favorite team, or if your team sadly did not make it to the championship, buying into another team and supporting those players.

How many times have you personally seen people rooting for their favorite sports team and then after a few seasons of dedication, switching to another team!?

When Lebron James moved to the Miami Heat it seemed there were Miami Heat fans around every corner of the street in any city! When he moved back to Cleveland before this 2014-2015 season he seemed to have taken his fans as well! Cleveland Cavalier apparel saw a huge increase in sales! The Miami Heat lost a lot of publicity and a big portion of their fan base!

This is because PEOPLE buy PEOPLE. Lebron has created an image of himself to be strong, smart, and the greatest basketball player in the world – it’s no surprise others want to be part of his “story”.

So, if you’re not a Basketball Champion, what can you do to have people buy into YOU? Here are a few simple ideas:


Online Update

Update your linked in profile. Make it feel alive. Linked-in has made some half-decent effort towards becoming a bit more “Facebooky” and it’s definitely moved several steps forward. But unless you remain active and current, it will look like you’ve given up business and gone off to herd goats or something.

Social Media needs to be fed, nurtured and watered…a bit like a summer garden.

Every time you add content, your online presence looks fresh and green. When you let it dry out, it withers and looks like you may have given up on yourself.


Spread the Word

Actively find some cool and timely blogs or articles with useful or inspiring content and send them out to people on a Sunday evening. It not only shows you care, are connected and seem to be an aggregator of what’s cool…but you are devoting an element of your weekend to add value to people’s upcoming week! Try not to make it feel or look like you are marketing yourself – instead just help to tell the stories that really matter AND that add value.

For ideas and inspiration, I like Linked-In Today, Fast Company, Wired, Copy Blogger, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Mediaite, PandoDaily, Duct Tape Marketing.


Listen to weekend plans….and remember

People love it when you remember what they have said. It’s one of the three Rs of connecting – Recall. So on a Friday afternoon, actively listen to what your colleagues, clients or team have planned for their weekend. It may require some mental effort, but if you can remember some of what they told you and then ask them about it on the Monday, you’ll instantly win some new devotees and have people thinking you are even cooler than they already did!!

None of the above takes too much time, but, if done right, can make you and your personal brand even more buyable!! Now go and shoot some hoops!!



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