The Trump Translation Effect


Love him, hate him or simply bemused by him – one thing we can say for sure – the rise of the Donald Trump effect is both “yuuuge” and yet, in many ways, predictable.

The reason? Whether intentional or not, Donald Trump is resonating with people because he is doing one simple thing – something many politicians singularly fail to ever deliver. He is speaking their language. He is reflecting their position and he is translating the world back to them.

This approach to communication is remarkably effective and can be used in many business interactions with significant success.

It is an approach that includes the A of my L-WAR – Anticipate and the middle C of my 3 C’s of Communication Excellence – Clarity.

Anticipating is an essential step in effective influence.

It’s about fully understanding your own target audience from their perspective and not your own.

Knowing their pain points, their problems and their deepest concerns is your surefire way to a win.

Success in this area relies upon you having spent enough time and effort researching what these details are. Perhaps your potential client needs a solution much faster than previous purchases. Maybe your customer, having done a ton of research is so far along her purchase journey that all she wants now is the transaction at the best price. Maybe your client needs to find a way to analyze data from the social world to finally beat their closest rival.

Once you have this information, once you have “walked in their shoes” you can truly and accurately anticipate their needs – so that when you finally initiate communication – you say the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time!

That’s what Trump is doing now – he has listened and, in his own ‘blunt’ fashion, he is demonstrating to his voters and fans that he gets them, he sees their concerns, he understands their fears and he is promising to – somehow – sort it all out.

So, what about Clarity?

Many people will criticize Trump for rambling and being somewhat disjointed in his public appearances – but the thousands currently clamoring for some Trump action are people who are tired of the intelligently crafted and eloquently scripted speeches of the current administration, which many believe muddy the waters by skirting around and sometimes distracting from the truth – they actually crave the clear admission of what they believe to be the facts. They want it simple, clear and honest.

Right now, that’s what they feel they are getting from Mr. Trump.

While the Trump phenomenon might lead to the Whitehouse, it might also lead nowhere at all – but in the world of business, we can all benefit from a touch of “Trump Translation”!

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