Interviewing a Vice President!

It was only about two weeks before the event, in Las Vegas, that I found out I would be sitting down with former VP Joe Biden. In this business, interviewing people on stage, in front of audiences is par for the course… But this would be a new level for me and a true honor.

Backstage we were surrounded by Secret Service people and an entourage made up of Speaker Bureau and PR folk. All politics aside, The vice president was incredibly warm, friendly and somewhat tactile!

A true gentleman who was magnetic on stage, answered all my questions and made headlines with a few revelations about the last election! So much fun and an unforgettable experience with a master communicator.

Naturally, I had to ask the key question… Might he run again? His answer? He could, but he probably won’t… The word ‘probably’ hung in the air for a little while!

Mark on stage with VP Joe Biden

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