Debra Zabloudil | CEO | The Learning Studio

Mark, You crushed it. You crush it every time!  I consider you one of those rare things in this business: A NEVER MISS Thanks for being part of the program…more together soon!

Peter Bavoso | Drury Design Dynamics | New York

So what do you get when you hire Mark as MC and what do the clients have to say about it? Watch the video to learn more…

Client Testimonials

In front of our multi-national audience of more than 2,000 people, Mark Jeffries displayed a rare ability to connect with everyone, and to deliver some truly valuable tips on smart business skills and Networking, in an entertaining and engaging way.

Brian May, CFO, Bunzl

I’ve just received the scores from your session and they are very, very good. On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent, you scored 4.94 for speaking, 4.81 for session content usefulness and 4.87 overall. These are great scores particularly the speaker score – I think 4.94 might just be the best speaker score we’ve ever had for a guest keynote.  The comments that we received were as follows:

– Great
– Fantastic speaker- could listen to him all day!
– Great
– very funny
– Good fun!
– Excellent. Very entertaining
– Good to see Dale Carnegie alive and well
– Mark was great! Good without any slides!
– Clear highlights/fresh/relevant/entertaining
– Possibly the best speaker I’ve heard at a Gartner event

Shane O’Rourke, Director, Gartner

Mark’s keynote focused the minds of our people and got them thinking more about their interactions with others both internally and externally. The importance of the tiny differentiators was a welcome angle and we were very pleased at how our people responded to this key messaging. Mark has an impressive talent for truly capturing an audience. A valuable and entertaining session.

Alison Masters, Director, Marketing Communications, Microsoft.

Thank you again for an incredible presentation at our area off-site in Copenhagen today.  The team was energized, engaged and motivated (power of 3  J ) to put many of your ‘tools’ to work right away.  In fact they incorporated learnings in their final presentations at the end of the day and I was WOW’d by the results.

Heather Millage, Corporate Project Vice President, Novo Nordisk Region Europe A/S

I would like to congratulate you on an outstanding result! Your speaker score is a perfect (and very rare) 5.00, which makes you the highest scoring speaker at the MDM Summit, including all Gartner and Guest Speakers. You can be very proud of this result! This ranks up there with the handful of our very best analyst speakers globally! Fantastic! Well done! THANK YOU

Juliane Jung | Director, Product Management | EMEA Event Production | Gartner

Mark’s ability to understand our business and incorporate that into his keynote made for an excellent session. All of our people were talking about it afterwards and the time with Mark has truly helped to focus our people on the importance of Image, presentation and soft skills and using those skills to grow our business and client relationships

Jane Baird, IBM