Mark takes time between events to share his thoughts and ideas…

October 2020

Why Screen Sharing must end early ... and often!

You're in your Zoom meeting or Teams call and it's time to share your screen. Ahhh - now it's easy because no one can really see you anymore? Good? Nope - Here's why we need to see a whole lot more of you!! When it comes to sharing your screen - end it early, end it often.

September 2020

How (not) to be productive working from home.

Because you asked!! Here is the fun video showing what I did with five months working from home - as seen at the start of CVENT Connect Virtual. #Cventconnect #WFH #Virtual #eventplanners #events

July 2020

Can you influence during a pandemic?

It may feel like the entire world of business has changed…But don’t worry – we will adapt, we already have…and the opportunities for communication success are numerous!

April 2020

Instead of explaining logistics from the stage, Mark offers a new way to wow your crowd…

Short vlog summary at vero eos et accusam.

February 2020

Five tips to help you share your idea

5 Smart & Unexpected tips to help you share your idea, concept or proposal - in a way that will get you heard, understood and remembered. This is 5 minutes of key you better grab your popcorn....

March 2020

Your Three New Jobs

You think you have one job? Well, here's three more...and these are the jobs that will define your ongoing success. Congratulations!

January 2020

SOS…Your message emergency

SOS!!! It's a full scale emergency. People across every industry are forgetting to shape their ideas, message and guidance around this simple set of rules. Become the signal instead of the noise with this essential approach!!

December 2019

The Art of Pre-Negotiation

When you think about negotiation, very often, the first thought that comes to mind is money! The second thought is normally timing and how soon a negotiation might lead to a signature. Well hold on a second…