• New Episode: “Master of Influence”

    January 21, 2015

    This week’s “Master of Influence” takes a look at how you can up your communication game with the 3Cs – the indispensable guide to communication excellence – Plus, I get a chance to talk with the real Captain Phillips about influence in …let’s just say “tough situations” and I also meet the original voice of […]

  • New episode!!

    Hey! MJ here… So, as you may already know… I have teamed up with leading business mind and entrepreneur – Grant Cardone – and am making a weekly Vlog/TV show for his online network – “Whatever it Takes”. The show is called “Master of Influence” and we are already up to episode 3!! This week, my […]

  • What tribe are you in?

    September 4, 2014

    I already know what business you are in. I don’t need to look at your business card, your twitter profile or your latest LinkedIn update. I don’t need to Google you or ask any of my network if they know you. That’s because you are in the same business as me… the same business as the […]