• People buy People – Make yourself more Buyable

    June 16, 2015

    People buy people. Do they buy you? As you know – in the USA, this time of the year brings around the NBA Finals. An exciting opportunity to root for your favorite team, or if your team sadly did not make it to the championship, buying into another team and supporting those players. How many […]

  • A review of Periscope for business communication

    April 2, 2015

    Have you started using Twitter’s new Periscope app yet?? If not – maybe you should take a look!! As someone who is passionate about Communication and the art of Social media and Influence – I decided to try it out and share my findings. Having ‘upped Periscope’ several times each day since launch, I can […]

  • Periscope Video Review coming up

    For my friends in the corporate/event/PR world – If you haven’t started using #Periscope yet – should you? What are the applications and possibilities?? I will publish a video review later on today – if you have any pre-questions – let me know now! More on this soon!

  • New Episode: “Master of Influence”

    January 21, 2015

    This week’s “Master of Influence” takes a look at how you can up your communication game with the 3Cs – the indispensable guide to communication excellence – Plus, I get a chance to talk with the real Captain Phillips about influence in …let’s just say “tough situations” and I also meet the original voice of […]