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Mark Jeffries has become the go-to Host, Moderator and Facilitator for some of the most successful major events—around the world.

On stage, Mark has a rare ability to connect with any audience—from software professionals to Finance experts, from Sales teams to valuable Customers and from business owners to executives to Public Sector. Attendees love his ‘added value’ stories on networking and Influence and quickly see Mark as their trusted friend, on stage. He provides indispensable energy, smart useable ideas, innovative concepts and all with just the right amount of humor and insight. But Mark is also YOUR main asset—helping your executives to shine and ensuring that your message is heard and remembered.

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Big Name Interviews

From VP Joe Biden to Will Smith, from Serena Williams to Michael J Fox and Richard Branson… Mark has mastered the “Celebrity Interview”.

You pay significant fees to have these A-Listers wow your crowd—Mark helps you achieve that objective. Mark quickly connects the character, psychology and ‘mood’ of your Celeb-talent to your all-important audience.

He creates an instant trusted relationship drawing out the best stories to inspire and delight your crowd!

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Panel power – compelling conversations

Using his sharp business knowledge and years of experience working with C-Suite executives, thought leaders, business experts and of course tons of customers and clients, Mark has become the trusted partner to deliver watchable, engaging and relevant panel sessions.


From Supply chain to Digital transformation, from Geo-Politics to Transaction advisory discussions, Mark is equally at home drawing out key information, making panelists feel comfortable and giving all participants the confidence to share best practice, lessons learned and successful strategies.


Mark always considers the perspective of your audience and ensures that memorable stories are told, key messages are heard and important points reinforced.


Above all, having Mark run your panel sessions not only keeps everything running to time but also frees up your execs to appear as holders of great knowledge rather than trying to play the role of on-stage moderator.


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The power of a Marketing video for your event

Mark is often asked to create fun and engaging videos to help promote your event to attendees — watch this example.

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Executive Coaching & Event Consultancy

Mark’s twenty years of continuous experience has exposed him to a vast array of ideas, innovations and methodology around the art of staging an event. Now you have a chance to learn how to elevate your event to a whole new level.

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